How It Works

The Renew Collaborative is a replicable model based on the successful outcomes of HomeStart’s Homelessness Prevention Program. The intervention is an ongoing, short-term case management model designed to prevent nonpayment evictions and result in cost-savings. This intervention model not only saves vulnerable tenants from the trauma and upheaval of eviction and homelessness, it has also been proven to be less costly to implement than an executed non-payment eviction.

Using this model, a property owner agrees to reimburse the service provider on a per-intervention basis for each tenancy successfully preserved. The reimbursement rate is sufficient to cover the cost of the intervention and is also dramatically less expensive to the property than the cost of an executed eviction.

The Renew Collaborative Toolkit is designed to be used by providers to replicate the service delivery and reimbursement rate components of the program model.